The foundations

Our founder

Our founder Sandy Sandhu instinctively knew from an early age that the beauty industry was where she was destined. She has studied intensively with leading doctors, surgeons, nutritionalists and other skin experts to become a leading skin specialist. Featured in journals, magazines, newspapers and on television, her clientele includes many influential fashionista, artists, presenters and professionals.

Her years of dedication within the world of beauty have seen life transforming changes to her clients, this is the energy behind her passion, to become a channel that empowers people with greater confidence, going beyond the surface.


Transforming you

Skincare treatments


Extensive scientific research and trials have shown that vitamins have a corrective effect on skin smoothing, softening, protecting. Our experts will combine superior skincare lines, superior supplementing, for the alluring new you.


Perfecting your canvas. The Skin Practice has the most advanced skincare equipment of its kind in the world, to enable you to experience couture beauty. Intensive skin friendly treatments that work harmoniously, tailored specifically to perfection. Skin advancing technology to monitor long lasting results, backed by an empowering team of experts sharing advanced skin secrets.


Magnify results by feeding from within. Allow us to introduce celebrities secrets inspired from around the world. Suplimenting is the hero missing link in addition to your skincare regimes.


Make your skin come true. Your skincare journey starts right here with us. The Skin Practice showcases the latest superior skincare product lines from across the world, straight to you. Beauty made simple.


Picture Perfect. Mineral make up popularity is forever increasing. This luxurious range will make your life simpler. If you are an ingredient label reader, you will love the range. The Skin Practice believe that the most beautiful cosmetics you can wear is on a healthy skin,  you’ll love how easy the products are to apply, with no touch ups. Click here to our shop page or visit us for colour fittings and artistry lessons.